Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy and Numeracy

Improve your literacy and numeracy with these fun activity and homework sheets as you work your way through the alphabet.

  • A is for Arctic
  • B is for Bamboo
  • C is for Candles
  • D is for Disasters
  • P is for Planets
  • Q is for Quokkas

Here is the educational philosophy behind these activity sheets.

(1) A packaged approach of differentiated sheets to cater for students requiring

additional support (via literacy and/or numeracy scaffolding) as well as challenging

activities for those students needing extension (via multi-step problems involving

critical and creative thinking skills).


(2) Deliberate mix of curriculum content/skills across literacy/numeracy/science/HASS,

with an emphasis on a thematic approach to engage students rather than a focus

on specific skills/topic areas.  This encourages students to apply their

knowledge/skill set across a number of different scenarios and discourages

students from compartmentalising their learning.


(3) Mix of answering styles, including multiple-choice (like NAPLAN),

short answer and mathematical calculations.


(4) Use of cognitive verbs.


(5) Incorporation of reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation skills as needed for NAPLAN.


(6) Data analysis questions.


(7) Clear format with a defined marking scheme or automatic marking for ease of use.


(8) Perfect for use as homework sheets and as classroom activities for different ability levels.


(9)All three versions of the sheet could be used differently across a number of year levels depending on students’ needs.


(10) They are very suitable in traditional learning environments but also appropriate for a multi-age, high-top or home-schooling situation.

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