• Analysis of Language Use - English Sample Response 10

An A+ Grade sample response analysing the use of language for the topic

"Graffiti: 'Vandalism' or 'Street Art'?"

Sample Responses are given to all of the four tasks below.

(Note: This is not the current format for the VCE English Exam)

Specific instructions
Carefully read the material and then complete both parts on this page.
Part 1
Analysis of language use
Complete the following task.
In a coherently constructed piece of prose, analyse the ways in which language is used
to present a point of view in both Barbara Woodhouse’s letter and the speech by the
owner of the second-hand bookshop.
Part 2
Presentation of a point of view
Complete one of the following tasks. Draw on the material as you
think appropriate.
a. You are the School Captain. You been asked to prepare a speech to be
delivered at assembly that outlines what you think is the best solution to the
problem of graffiti experienced in Rosella. Write the speech.
b. You are part of the editorial team of the Rosella Secondary College Student
Newspaper called The Rag, and it is your job to write your paper’s editorial
outlining its view about graffiti and how the community should respond to it.
c. Reading the local newspapers, you realise that there has not been anything
written by someone of student age. You feel that the absence of a teenage
perspective needs to be addressed, so you write a letter to the editor to the local
newspaper called The Tribune to outline your views on how to solve the graffiti
problem in Rosella.

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Analysis of Language Use - English Sample Response 10

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