Spark interest in science in your school using Augmented Reality (AR).

Run your experiment using drag and drop into holographic images created by 3C Learning.

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Attention: Science Teachers

Bring STEM easily to your classroom.

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Student tests and teacher guides for each experiment

1.         How do you make gas heavy?    

2.         How do you build a lemon battery?      

3.         How does convection work?        

4.         How does friction work?     

5.         How do you balance a book?      

6.         How do you grow a crystal?

7.         How does solar power work?      

8.         How much iron is in your cereal?

9.         How do you build a siphon?

10.     How do you build a battery electric motor?

11.     How do you change the colour of a flower?

12.     How does electrical conductivity work?

13.     How does an airplane fly?

14.     How can you make a can implode?

15.     How can you make eggs bounce?

16.     How can you turn water upside down?

17.     How can you light a gummy bear?

18.     How can you use the power of wind?

19.     How do volcanos form?

20.     How do undersea mountains form?

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