About Kilbaha

Kilbaha Education has been supplying schools throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and Japan since 1978. Our expert team of teachers and writers produce up-to-date, relevant resources for schools, parents and students in a wide range of subject areas. Kilbaha Education is a leading global educational technology company dedicated to transforming learning experiences. With a mission to empower students and educators through innovative solutions, Kilbaha offers a diverse range of digital tools and platforms. By providing interactive learning applications, tailored curricula, and virtual classrooms, Kilbaha Education fosters engagement and improves academic outcomes. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and data analytics, Kilbaha Education personalises learning, enabling students to thrive in an ever-evolving educational landscape. With a strong commitment to excellence and accessibility, Kilbaha Education continues to shape the future of education, ensuring every learner has the tools to succeed. Kilbaha Education delivers digital resources to schools, teachers and students. Our resources cover the class levels from  Year 3 through to Year 12 in English, Mathematics, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and History. Many of these resources are interactive with automatic checking of student input and automatic marking and scoring of assignments. Our assessment products for Mathematics and English can be used to keep track of student progress in numeracy and literacy. Our interactive digital resources can be implemented simply and effectively on any computer using  the free downloadable Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

Kilbaha Education has prepared new and exciting resources for the implementation of the new VCE Mathematics study design in 2023.

Kilbaha Pty Ltd (Est. 1978)
ABN: 47 065 111 373
Providing Quality Resources to Schools and Parents since 1978

  • Kilbaha helps schools
  • to teach better
  • by providing quality educational content
  • so that students get higher grades.
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Kilbaha Pty Ltd (Established 1978) ABN 47 065 111 373

trading as

Kilbaha Education 

PO Box 2227


Vic 3101


Email: kilbaha@gmail.com

Tel: 03 9018 5376

Mobile: 0413 425 374

Tel (Int): +613 9018 5376

Mobile (Int): +61 413 425 374

Email: kilbaha@gmail.com

The CEO of the company is Bill Healy BSC BA Dip Ed

Bill has had many years teaching in Australia, New Zealand the the United Kingdom.