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Hope to see you at EduTech Melbourne 10 and 11 August.


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Order your 2022 VCE Trial Exams here (WORD file)

Order your 2022 VCE Trial Exams here (PDF file)

  • Kilbaha Education employs practising teachers from all states of Australia and New Zealand to write up–to–date, curriculum based content for use by schools and students.
  • Kilbaha Education helps schools to teach better by providing quality educational content so that students get higher grades.
  • Kilbaha Education provides content that you can edit, print and distribute to all students in your school for use on any device.
  • Kilbaha Education resources are used by hundreds of schools and thousands of students.
  • Kilbaha Education provides detailed answers with all resources.
  • Kilbaha Education is not a subscription service. Buy once and use forever!

What our customers say

"Without your materials several children would have been right behind the 8ball Thank you for the time and energy and professionalism you offer (and the great price !!! )"
"Thank you for sending the Argument and Persuasive Strategies (Yrs 9-11). They are excellent resources and Sirius college will definitely order the Yr 12 Argument and Persuasive Language resource. Please advise me when the resource is available."

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Bill Healy BSc BA Dip Ed