• Analysis of Language Use - English Sample Response 3

An A+ Grade sample response analysing the use of language for the topic

"Psycho's Disturbing View of Violence"

Background information
This opinion piece, with the accompanying photograph, was published on a website and on the
Opinion page of a Melbourne newspaper.
It was written in response to a current debate in the newspapers over the link between playing
computer games and teenage violence.
This issue had resurfaced after a Melbourne-based psychologist claimed she had noticed an increase
of teenagers referred to her who had “disturbing attitudes to violence”.
The psychologist, who also has a weekly television show aimed at parents, suggests there is a direct
link between attitudes to violence and access to violent computer games.
Other experts have not ruled out a causal link, but no evidence is yet available to prove conclusively
either way.

How is written and visual language used to attempt to persuade readers to share the point of view of
the writer of Psycho’s Disturbing View of Violence?


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Analysis of Language Use - English Sample Response 3

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