• Analysis of Language Use - English Sample Response 6

An A+ Grade sample response analysing the use of language for the topic

"Noise Sickness"

Background information
• Palatini Lauricle wrote this article for a national newspaper supplement in June 2011.
• On February 3rd 2011, a petition was presented to Canberra Parliament demanding
  legislation to put limits on ‘unacceptable levels of public noise pollution’.
• A member of the House of Representatives Petitions Committee, Paul Surd, was heard
  publicly dismissing the petition as a ‘silly campaign to get ambulances to switch off their
  sirens so that people can enjoy the birds singing’ before it had been officially heard.
• This caused a media outcry and campaigners have been given intermittent media attention ever since.

How is written and visual language used to attempt to persuade the audience to share the point of
view of the writer in the article Noise Sickness?


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Analysis of Language Use - English Sample Response 6

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