• Analysis of Language Use - English Sample Response 7

An A+ Grade sample response analysing the use of language for the topic

"We're still debating uniforms!"

Background information
Some Victorian schools have changed their uniform policy so that female students are required to wear pants
rather than skirts and dresses. The decision was prompted by a current affairs program which argued that
some school uniforms sexualized teenagers because they were too revealing. The issue later resulted in a
wider public debate about the perennial issue of whether schools should insist upon school uniform.
The opinion piece written by John Tashty appeared on the blog site of the online newspaper called Agenda.
The online journal’s stated aim is to stimulate debate about current affairs. Readers are invited to post their

How is written and visual language used to attempt to persuade readers to share the point of view of
the writer of We’re still debating uniforms?


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Analysis of Language Use - English Sample Response 7

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