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Welcome to term 4 all over Australia.
Our trading name has changed from Kilbaha Multimedia Publishing to Kilbaha Education
to reflect our commitment to quality educational content.

Super special to mark this change. 

80% off the 2019 Kilbaha VCE Trial Exams

Online orders only. No school order numbers.

  • 1 week only.
  • Begins Monday October 14
  • Ends Friday October 18

80% off

2 weeks to go.

All orders for the 2019 Kilbaha VCE Trial Exams received up to and including Sunday 13 October have been supplied. 

  • Same day delivery on school order number

  • Contact us for help:
  • Message Bill Healy directly for assistance +61 (0)413 425 374
  • See below for the links to buy the 2019 Kilbaha VCE Trial Exams

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English as an additional language


Further Maths Exam 1

Further Maths Exam 2

Maths Methods Exam 1

Maths Methods Exam 2



Specialist Maths Exam 1

Specialist Maths Exam 2