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Schools, teachers and parents are getting ready the 2021 ACARA NAPLAN Tests.

Preparing for NAPLAN 2021


Year 3

Year 5

Year 7

Year 9

NAPLAN Certificates of Achievement will this year be awarded to Year 9 students in 2021 who:

  • achieve a result in Reading and/or Numeracy that places them in the very top band of NAPLAN
  • significantly improve on their Year 7 results.

The new certificates celebrate students who achieve the highest level and those who excel by making exceptional progress, irrespective of where they start.

Motivate your Year 9 students to gain this Certificate of Achievement and give them heaps of practice to get there. Use the link below.

Year 9

Kilbaha Education recommends the following NAPLAN package:

  • Kilbaha Education accepts credit card payments for all orders.
  • For NSW schools this is your PCard.

The 2021 Kilbaha NAPLAN Trial Tests are now available.


2021 Kilbaha NAPLAN Trial Tests.

  • Years 3, 5, 7, 9
  • Language, Reading, Writing, Numeracy
  • Automatic marking
  • Summary of correct and incorrect student answers
  • Percentage score
  • Detailed answers with compete explanations


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Download the 2021 Catalogues at the links below.